How To Make Your Own Shapewear

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How To Make Your Own Shapewear

Finding your own shapewear is the same as finding the little black dress for yourself. Shapewear means that from neckline to the legs, it needs to be in the perfect shape as your body. Many people search from market to market to get the right shapewear but in the end, they have to buy anything from the market and then trim it according to the size.

If you have the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners in your sewing area then you can sew your own shapewear without wandering here and there to find the appropriate size for yourself. You can visit ... beginners/ for the most amazing and relevant information about the sewing machines.


How To Make Your Own Shapewear

Here we are back with an amazing guide about how you can prepare the shapewear in your sewing area with the help of these simple tips.


Perfect shapewear is all about the measurements. If the measurement is not going to be up to the mark then, of course, things won’t be same in the end and later you have to trim it which is kind of a headache. If you are alone and you don’t have anyone to help you out with the measurements then I have a solution through which you can have perfect measurements alone.

Take out some dress which is near fitting and note down the measurements of that dress. Now start taking measurements of your body and note down them as well. Once you are done with both measurements, you can easily estimate the difference of inches in both measurements and how much you need to leave the space inside the shapewear. It always works.


At the time of attempting shapewear, one thing that should be in your mind is what kind of fabric you are about to choose and how long it’s going to last? As a sewer, the first priority is to choose the fabric which can work for a long time and must be according to the nature of the project. Most of us prefer to choose the knitted fabric when it comes to preparing the shapewear.

The knitted fabric is adjustable and no matter if you have made half inches tighter because it always has the ability to adjust itself according to the body size. If you are choosing some other fabric then make sure that you prepared it before moving on to the sewing part. Without preparation, later the shapewear is going to shrink and will be of no use.

Strong Construction:

When you are preparing shapewear for your body, this is the most exciting time because it looks too good and beautiful on everyone. When you are at your sewing machine and focusing on the shapewear construction then tools must be according to that. The needle, thread, and scissors must be sharp and new enough to complete the work without interruption.

Strong construction plays an important part in preparing the shapewear. If the construction of the dress is not good enough then, of course, things will turn out ugly for you. It can be loose or tore from some place which is definitely not a good sign. Always check out the tools once you have started to sew the dress in a perfect manner.


Usually, we choose fabric made up of nylon to create the shapewear but as these fabrics are not breathable, it feels extremely hot in the summers. People who are going through certain kinds of allergies should go for the breathable fabrics. Breathable fabrics are easy to sew on the sewing machine and if you are looking for the right sewing machine match then read Expert Reviews on What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy for ultimate guidance.


Working a beginner sewing machine

I prefer to choose cotton blend shapewear when it comes to prepare the shapewear for the people who can’t take too much hotness. The cotton blend helps in keeping the body cool and you won’t feel sweaty inside. It’s suitable for the skin but before start sewing, don’t forget to prepare the fabric to save it from the shrinkage and other problems at the time of washing.

Natural Look:

Many girls out there may want to wear shapewear but due to the hurting shape of the dress, they feel uneasy and it leads to the harm to the body. When you are sewing shapewear and you think that in a few months possibilities are that you are going to gain weight then leave the space of 1 inch inside the shapewear.

Later whenever you want to open it from the seams, you can rip the stitches and prepare it for yourself. In this way, there will always be a way to adjust the shapewear according to your size in the future and you can get rid of the artificial look which is hurting the body.

Tension Settings:

I recommend visiting the shops once to look at the stitching quality of the shapewear available at the brands. You will get the perfect idea of what kind of stitches are suitable for your fabric and how you are supposed to handle the project? Again before you start sewing the shapewear, as it is the most delicate project, you need to check the tension settings of the machine.

If there will be any problem in the stitch settings or tension settings then in the middle of the project you can go through the breakage problem. Also replace the needle with the new one, once you are all set to start the project.


If you are using a thick fabric for the shapewear like knitted fabric and you have the best heavy duty sewing machine for home use then the results are going to be exceptional. You can click here for more information when it comes to the sewing machines features.

With the help of the above tips, it will be possible and easy for you to sew the shapewear by yourself. By the constant practice, you will be able to sew the perfect shapewear.
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